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Mariya Kozhanova, born 1986 in Kaliningrad, lives and works in Berlin. Kozhanova works with themes of human identification and has been fascinated by the powerful need of humans to believe in, and to seek for, something that lies beyond the ordinary.

In her known work, Kozhanova created a portrait of a generation that neglected their own culture and escaped into the borrowed ideals of syntactic cosplay culture. She worked with memories and legends of her hometown Kaliningrad, which still sees dreams of Prussian times.

There is a common theme of belief running throughout all of her works. Kozhanova has exhibited multiple times internationally in the US, Russia, Germany, Japan, and China, among others.


In Our Nature, Green Hill Gallery, Berlin, Germany (group exhibition)

Brass Plates, Wires, Embossed Prints. Pop-Up Show, Gallery Weekend, Berlin, Germany (solo exhibition)
Distant Thunder & White on White & Wires, Pennlab Gallery, Hebarium, Moscow, Russia (group exhibition)

In Our Nature, Galleri Image, Aarhus, Denmark (solo show)
Distant Thunder, festival Photometria, Ioannina, Greece (group exhibition)
INNER BLINDNESS, Galerie Alles Mögliche, Berlin, Germany (solo show)
Distant Thunder, festival Imago Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal (group exhibition)
Distant Thunder, festival Foton Fest, Kaliningrad, Russia (group exhibition)
Distant Thunder, Vonovia Award für Fotografie, Kunstmuseum Bochum, Germany (group exhibition, shortlist)
Distant Thunder, festival Verzasca Foto, Brione, Switzerland (finalist)

Moon, festival PhotoLux, To The Moon And Back, Lucca, Italy (group exhibition)
RInging of a Bell, festival Photo Vogue, A Glitch in the System, Milano, Italy (group exhibition)
Declared Detachment, festival dogmatiX, OFF Bratislava, Slovakia (solo show)
Distant Thunder, festival Encontros Da Imagem, Braga, Portugal (group exhibition, honorable mention)
RESIDENCY, The Art Museum of Folk Art, Meliggoi, Greece (solo show)

Declared Detachment, festival Rencontres d'Arles, France (screening)
Declared Detachment, festival Les Boutographies, Montpellier, France (screening)
Declared Detachment, Tokyo Photographic Art Museum, Basically. Forever., Tokyo, Japan (group exhibition)
Declared Detachment, Wie im Märchen, NöART, 7 exhibitions, Austria (group exhibition)
Declared Detachment, Hellerau Photography Award, Dresden, Germany (group exhibition, shortlist)

Declared Detachment, festival Backlight, Tampere, Finland (group exhibition)
Declared Detachment, festival 4th ViennaPhotobookReview, Austria (3rd price)
Declared Detachment, festival Budapest Photo, Hungary (group exhibition)
Declared Detachment, festival Fondo Internzionale per la Fotografia, Barletta, Italy (group exhibition)

Declared Detachment, Museum Brandts13, Cities And Memory, Odense, Denmark (group exhibition)
Declared Detachment, Galerie Alles Mögliche, Berlin, Germany (solo show)
WORLD PRESS PHOTO, Joop Swart Masterclass, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (masterclass)
Declared Detachment, festival Photovisa, Krasnodar, Russia (solo show, lecture)
Taking The Veil, festival Faith Love Youth, Moscow, Russia (Grand Prix Winner)
Declared Detachment, Museo Histórico, Buenos Aires, Argentina (solo show)
Declared Detachment, Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts, YP-2015, Japan (group exhibition)
Declared Detachment, festival Riga Photomonth, Latvia (group exhibition)
Taking The Veil, Fotomuseum Winterthur, PLAT(T)FORM 16, Switzerland (group exhibition)

Declared Detachment, festival 1st Photo Kathmandu, Patan, Nepal (group exhibition)
Prussian Bride, festival Photovisa, Krasnodar, Russia (solo show)
Declared Detachment, festival Kaunas Photo, Lithuania (group exhibition)

Declared Detachment, festival Paraty Em Foco, Sao Paulo, Brazil (group exhibition)
Declared Detachment, festival De La Luz, Buenos Aires, Argentina (group exhibition)
Declared Detachment, festival UPI, Personal Mythologies, Brooklyn, USA (group exhibition)
Declared Detachment, festival 4th Singapore Int'l Photography Festival, Singapore (group exhibition)
Declared Detachment, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, 20th Anniversary KMoPA, Japan (group exhibition)
Declared Detachment, Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts, YP-2013, Kiyosato, Japan (group exhibition)
Declared Detachment, festival Feature Shoot, USA (Grand Prix Winner)
Declared Detachment, Gallery Zarya, Kaliningrad, Russia (solo show)

Prussian Bride, festival Fotomania, Kaliningrad, Russia (solo show)
Prussian Bride, Lotte Gallery, Russian Photography, Seoul, South-Korea (group exhibition)
Prussian Bride, festival 5th Seoul Photo, Guest Country Russia, Seoul, South-Korea (group exhibition)

Prussian Bride, festival Month of Photography, Young Russian Photography, Bratislava, Slovakia (group exhibition)
Prussian Bride, festival Fotofest, Contemporary Russian Photography, Houston, USA (group exhibition)

Prussian Bride, festival Fotomania, Baltic Biennale of Photography, Kaliningrad, Russia (group exhibition)
Prussian Bride, festival Fotomania, (Grand Prix Winner)

Prussian Bride, Axel Obiger Gallery, I Look At The Window, Berlin, Germany (group exhibition)
Prussian Bride, festival at Former Factory, Absolute Humidity, Taurage, Lithuania (group exhibition)
Prussian Bride, The School of Fine Arts, Tour To Town, Kaliningrad, Russia (group exhibition)

Prussian Bride, Selena Gallery, Under The Glass, Contemporary Russian Photography, Brooklyn, USA (group exhibition)
Prussian Bride, festival Fotomania, Baltic Biennale of Photography, Kaliningrad, Russia (group exhibition)

Prussian Bride, Kaliningrad National Artistic Gallery, Home Of Children, Russia (group exhibition)
Prussian Bride, German-Russian House, Entropy 9, Kaliningrad, Russia (solo show)

BUILDING BRIDGE, Pavlov Art Studio, Kaliningrad, Russia (solo show)
PHOTOPOETRY, Creative Studio “Alternative”, Kaliningrad, Russia (group exhibition)
Prussian Bride, festival Fotomania, Baltic Biennale of Photography, Kaliningrad, Russia (group exhibition)


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